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Jake Genesis In A Locker Room Jerk Off

Holy crap on a cracker! I think a lot of you guys are gonna be hauling out your stiff one and enjoying this guy in his solo video this afternoon! Check out Jake Genesis in a locker room jerk off on the Colt site! We had a post just a few days ago with this […]

Halloween Hunk Flayder Reis

I have a Halloween party coming up, and I am considering attending as a Centurion lol It wasn’t my idea, in fact I rarely dress up for anything. But a friend from the gym has a new costume and decided that he’d like to see me as the Centurion this year. I have to admit […]

Chris Bines and Paul Wagner - Hairy Muscle Sex

Okay guys, it’s Friday already, and I have just enough time to come in and share with you something I’ve been watching today while I work myself up for a buddy tonight. A friend of mine I haven’t seen for a while invited me over to his place tonight, and knowing how things went the […]

More Of Hairy Muscle Hunk Patrick OBrien

So, I know that this dude goes by several names, Paddy, Liam, O’Brian, O’Brien… Whatever his name is he is one of the hottest guys I think I’ve ever seen on a gay porn site. He’s actually appeared on a few, and we’ve featured him here on the Gay Body Blog a few times under […]

Working Out With Gabriel Lenfant

Now, I know a lot of people get a little but fidgety on a Thursday. A lot of people are just waiting for the weekend and hoping that the clock ticks by just a little bit faster. So rather than wait for some delicious pics from one of my fave porn sites until tomorrow, I […]

British Hairy Muscle Hunk Ajay

I don’t really know what I can say about this gorgeous hairy muscle hunk, other than tell you that his name is Ajay and that he’s a British model making his way in the business. I think he’s just starting out, but with a delicious body like his, and having worked with names like Dylan […]

A Little More Of Levi Poulter!

Okay, so Monday is here again and I’m sure a whole lot of you are now feeling those distinctive blues for the start of the week. And throw in a little stress about presents and you have a miserable start to the week. Or is it just me worrying about Christmas presents and getting my […]

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