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Hairy Hunk Anderson Barbosa By Ronaldo Gutierrez

It might just be my imagination, but Anderson Barbosa in this shoot by Ronaldo Gutierrez seems to have something of the George Michael about him. I admit that I might only be seeing this because I have a thing for the handsome pop star circa Fast Love and this guy seems to have the stubble […]

Masculine And Hairy Hunk Fabricio Ternes

I’m in a very masculine mood today, and I guess the fact that I’ve been checking out pictures of men like Fabricio Ternes helps with that! I was doing a little checking today and after some searching I found that this guy had never made it onto the Gay Body Blog before, and of course […]

Dripping Wet With Hairy Hunk Eliad Cohen

I definitely think I must be in a hairy hunk mood today. It’s definitely because of that gym visit this morning and the last post showing of JR Bronson. I was looking around out there after posting that last one and when I found these delicious shots of Eliad Cohen at the beach I just […]

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary!

So, after previous complaints that we were leaning a little too far towards the hairy and inked men in the past (whaaaat? I know!), it seems that fur is back in fashion on the Gay Body Blog! lol After a recent post of a gorgeous hairy hunk, which received some nice attention from you guys, […]

Hairy Hunk Alert!

I am going to say straight away that I have no idea who this handsome and hairy hunk is, but I had to get his pics on the blog when I saw them today. A friend sent me one pic and I was out there looking for more of him within seconds. I actually thought […]

Halloween Hunk Flayder Reis

I have a Halloween party coming up, and I am considering attending as a Centurion lol It wasn’t my idea, in fact I rarely dress up for anything. But a friend from the gym has a new costume and decided that he’d like to see me as the Centurion this year. I have to admit […]

Hairy Hunk Rodiney Santiago

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I plan to head out this afternoon to enjoy some sun and then go out for a couple of drinks tonight too. I think the summer is almost over and I’d better make the most of it while I can lol Speaking of enjoying the sun, I found […]

Joe Slaughter - Wet And Hunky!

I found out today that the gorgeous Joe Slaughter has recently completed a shoot with the ever popular and amazing photographer Rick Day. And knowing how the artist loves to shoot his men, I was quickly following the link to check out the images and see how daring the dude had been in the shoot. […]

Hairy Hunk Raphael Hildebrand

Another guy has arrived in my inbox who I’m very surprised is not on the blog already. Thankfully, this hairy hunk is not very shy when it comes to showing off his hot body for a photographer, and he’s been snapped in some really sexy pics during his time. Raphael Hildebrand is the guy in […]

Hairy Hunk Norb P

I’m always on the look out for some new hunks that have never been featured on Gay Body Blog before. But although they can sometimes be hard to find, I have a few friends out there who hit me up when they find some hunky new guy that they think you boys might enjoy seeing. […]

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