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Hairy Bearish Hunk Chris Judd

And now for something completely different! You guys know we like to be a little diverse on the Gay Body Blog, and we don’t generally stick to jocks, or twinks, or even male models. There’s a vast array of handsome and sexy men out there and they all deserve to be appreciated. And that’s why […]

Nicolas Aristidou Delivers Another Gorgeous Shoot - Yann Rollet

I love the French. I love the culture, the creativity, the style and – most importantly – the men! Check out gorgeous Yann Rollet in a totally amazing shoot by one of my favorite photographers, Nicolas Aristidou. If you’ve seen any of his other work on the Gay Body Blog before now you know that […]

Leo Fogolin Is Teasing Us Nicely

After the last post of sexy nudity and cock shots I couldn’t resist keeping that kind of going a little more with this tempting post of pics featuring gorgeous young male model Leo Fogolin. This is the first time we’ve seen him on the Gay Body Blog, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to be […]

Artistic Cock Shots With Some Very Sexy Guys

It’s time for some cock on the Gay Body Blog! I was looking around out there today and wondering what to share with you all for this post when I remembered I had a folder on my desktop with some great artistic nudes that I realized I’d never shared with you, and you guys know […]

Brian Laferriere Is One Hot Hairy Hunk Of Man

I was out having coffee with a friend this morning and we got onto the subject of men, as we so often do. Of course he got his phone out to show me some of the guys he’s been hooking up with over the last few months, but among those sexy pics he likes to […]

Long Haired Hunk James Kennelly

Okay guys, be prepared to fall in love (or lust) with another utterly gorgeous and fit guy with a great head of hair on him and an awesome body we would all want to see up-close for some fun. His name is James Kennelly and I was so sure we’d seen him on the Gay […]

Sporty Masculinity With Casey Field

I was pretty damn sure we’d had Casey Field on the Gay Body Blog before, but after doing a little searching I can’t find any trace of a post with him showing off that ripped and slightly hairy body. So, here we are enjoying his first appearance here and I don’t think it’s going to […]

Naked Dudes With Heels, Strangely Interesting

I’m not too sure about all those heels, but the gorgeous naked men Tony Duran has gathered together for this shoot definitely makes up for that strangeness! This is not the first time we’ve seen the effeminate touch to a shoot with sexy guys of course. In the past we’ve seen dudes wearing stockings and […]

Diego Miguel And Walter Savage Look So Hot Together

If you had to pick between Walter Savage and Diego Miguel to spend and evening with, which one would you choose? I’ve got some pics here to help you decide, even though I think the vast majority would demand both lol It’s a sexy shoot for Charlie by Matthew Zink, one of those brands we […]

We Definitely Want More Of Jonathan Guijarro

We’ve seen handsome and buff male model Jonathan Guijarro on the blog once before, and although that shoot wasn’t exactly stunning this one most definitely is. It’s by Joan Crisol, a name we all probably know quite well for this erotic and artistic style. Jonathan Guijarro is a Spanish male model with a gorgeous face […]

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