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Hairy Muscle Man Revealing All

Okay guys, I saw this today in an email and I knew instantly that it needed to be here on the blog today. I know we’re not due a nude post just yet, but do you guys really give a crap about the schedule when theres hotness like this on offer? lol I know that […]

Hairy Hunk For Chongo Magazine

Can anyone tell me who this hairy hunk is? He’s showing off in some very sexy photos for Chongo Magazine, bit I can’t find a name for this guy anywhere and I really want to know more about him. He’s a good looking guy, a little rough around the edges too, just how I like […]

In The Woods With Alexander Litskevich

I’m going camping next month, its one of my regular festival trips and although I will be there with a few thousand other campers I’m hoping to get somewhere in the trees this time around. That’s what I thought of when I saw this shoot featuring Alexander Litskevich, shot by Amer Mohamed. The handsome and […]

Hairy Sexy Hunk Paricio

I had to share this shoot when I saw a couple of pics of this handsome and hairy hunk showing off and teasing us with his very interesting outfit. His name is Paricio, but I wish I knew more about him and could tell you something other than what I’m about to tell you… He’s […]

Beto Malfacini Needs To Get His Shirt Off More Often

I’ve been going back through some of the posts on the Gay Body Blog today and wondering where some of the hunkiest and hottest men have gone. There are a few who really grabbed our attention in the past but seem to have slipped out of the limelight a little. Beto Malfacini is one such […]

Mike De Marko Takes On Power Top Jaxton Wheeler

I have absolutely no interest in cars, let me get that out there right from the start of this. I don’t many of you do either, right? Still, this new hardcore gay porn scene might have that motoring theme to it, but it’s all about power top and hairy muscle hunk Jaxton Wheeler slamming the […]

The Hairy Thighs And Sexy Bulge Of Pietro Boselli

There are a lot of things I love about a guy, but when I see hairy thighs I’m totally smitten. Check out this shoot featuring gorgeous Pietro Boselli and I think you’ll agree with me on this. Although the rest of him is stunning, from his handsome good looks to that jock body, his thighs […]

Hunky Drew And His Muscle Cock!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have at least something planned for this evening, whether you’re going out or staying in. If you’re staying in, like me, then you might need a little light entertainment, and I would like to make a recommendation for all of you… Check out the latest arrival on the […]

Random Dudes With Dicks Out

Rock out with your cock out! It’s time to enjoy some lovely guys showing it all off in some very sexy pics, and I think I might have just about covered most interests with this one too! We have hairy guys, jocks, smooth dudes, muscle, average guys, pro men, amateurs, cut cocks, uncut, thick, thin, […]

Hairy Hunk Justice Joslin!

There’s a veritable ocean of smooth twinks and jocks out there in the male modeling business, but now and then a real hairy hunk comes along with something special. He’s not covered in fur, but he has enough to make him stand out from the tanned and buff gym-toned clones we’re so often bombarded with, […]

Colby Keller In California

I know I am not the only one here who adores hunky and handsome gay porn star Colby Keller. This guy has been getting a lot of great attention over the last couple of years, but not just for his hardcore work in the business. For those who don’t know much about this (and believe […]

Handsome Hung And Uncut Nicolas De Urquiza

So, on my search for the identity of a handsome and hairy hunk in yesterdays post I discovered this very hot collection of photos featuring Nicolas De Urquiza, and they definitely deserved to be shared on the blog with all you horny guys! He’s not shy about showing everything off in this creative presentation of […]

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