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Very Sexy Shots Of Giovanny Velasquez

If you haven’t seen the hardcore post from earlier let me once again wish you all a Happy Halloween! I hope you have an excellent time this evening whether you’re out at a party or staying in watching scary movies. Now that’s out of the way, I have something quite sexy to share with you […]

Hairy Hunk For TVTOR

I know some of you guys are going to be a little disappointed that there aren’t twenty pics of this guy to enjoy in this post, but I had to share this guy and his hot hairy body with you all even though the pickings are slim, as they say. I think this guy is […]

Keith Milkie - Hunk Alert!

I know I am not the only one here who has a thing for Rugby players. We’ve seen some truly amazing men on the Gay Body Blog before who are either Rugby men or former players turned male models, and it’s something we absolutely love to see. Keith Milkie is the latest find to add […]

Josh Frank - Hairy And Handsome

I was looking through these photos of Josh Frank and started wondering whether you guys would love him or not. I guess this dude could go either way with all you very selective guys I guess I should confess that I really hate the 70’s look. I don’t know what it is, but something about […]

The Incredibly Handsome Chris Salvatore By Zach Schwermer

I’m not entirely sure how many times we’ve had the handsome male model Chris Salvatore on the Gay Body Blog before, but I don’t think many of you will complain seeing him again, especially not in a seductive and sexy shoot like this one from Zack Schwermer! I know some of you may be a […]

Jon Foehl gets horny with Landis Smithers

We’ve seen some of the sexy work by Landis Smithers on the blog before (most notably the gorgeous, thick-dicked British porn star Paddy O’Brian) and I was eager to post more of the amazingly beautiful work of this guy the moment I found something worthy of a post on here. I think I’ve found exactly […]

Kirill Dowidoff And That Hairy Butt!

Whenever I see a shoot featuring gorgeous hunky muscled man Kirill Dowidoff I know it needs to be on here for you guys as soon as possible. He’s absolutely one of the hottest male models I think we have ever seen on the blog, and he knows how to tease the guys and get a […]

Hunky Greek Model And Artist Steve Raider

It took a little translation and work to find out more about this hunky and beefy specimen of masculinity, so forgive me if I have anything at all wrong about this guy. I think what I have discovered is right though. His name is Steve Raider, and he’s been photographed in this shoot by Vagelis […]

Diego Altino Is Such An Evil Tease

I hope you’re sitting down and somewhere private for this post, you deserve some privacy and alone time when looking at these photos of the devilishly sexy and teasing Diego Altino. He’s been snapped for H Magazine in this shoot, showing off his incredibly hot body and teasing us with some bulge display. Once again, […]

Hairy And Handsome Nathan Scott

Awesome photographer Thomas Synnamon has done it again with this sexy shoot featuring handsome and hunky Nathan Scott. The gorgeous stud muffin is showing off his excellent body in this collection of images, teasing us with the sight of his cotton-covered bulge! He really is a stunning man, perfect in absolutely every way. I say […]

A Mystery Hunk By Brian Kaminski

I really need to know who this hot hunk is in this shoot by photographer Brian Kaminski! There’s no mention out there on the net of who the hairy and fit dude is, but everything about him gets me hard and horny. It’s such a teasing and appropriately summery shoot, with a seriously hot dude […]

Hairy Muscled Hottie Eliad Cohen For Papawear

Eliad Cohen looks great strutting his stuff on a beach, and that’s not just my opinion. It seems that some models become kind of typecast into some roles much like actors do, and Eliad is one of those who is forever seen in shoots in the sun, walking along the sand and showing off his […]

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