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Francois Sagat Showing Off His Hot Muscled Body For L'HOMO

I don’t think I’m the only one here who loves Francois Sagat. He’s one of those multi talented male models who does everything from hardcore gay porn to posing for mainstream photographers,  designing his own creations to releasing highly artistic works himself. There are only a handful of men out there who seem to be […]

Bearish And Hot - Sergio Art Shows His Ass

I have just seen this hunky guy for the first time, and I think I’m in love – or maybe it’s just lust? I don’t care, all I know is that this dude is hot as hell and deserves to be shared around with you guys. Feel free to comment, like, share, do all that […]

Smooth And Toned Marc Biazizzo By Nicolas Aristidou

After the delightful post earlier featuring the immensely hunky, inked and hung hunk Andy Lee I think this might be a little too tame for you guys, but I just had to share this sexy photo shoot featuring Marc Biazizzo when I saw the pics. I love this shoot, and not only because the handsome […]

Just Some Hot Naked Men

So I was looking around out there on the net today and trying to work out what I should do for a nude post. At first I was thinking that there should be a theme to it, but then I kinda figured that there are so many hot guys showing their dicks out there in […]

How Much Do We All Love Daniel Garofali?

There are a few hot guys I know I can share in a post on the Gay Body Blog and get a lot of views and some favorable comments, and Daniel Garofali is one such guy. We’ve seen this handsome hunk on the blog three times in the past, and each time it seems that […]

How Gorgeous Is David Sanz?

Really, I want to know what you think… On a scale of one to HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER, how handsome and sexy do you think this guy is? I’ve just seen him and I have to admit that he’s one of the most impressive young men I think I have seen all month. I […]

We All Want To Wake Up With Mark R!

The title for this awesome shoot by Thomas Synnamon is “Woke up like this”, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we very much like the way he woke up! Can you imagine waking up to find yourself next to this gorgeous young jock? Have a think about that for […]

I Wouldn't Argue - With Peter Argue!

First of all, what an interesting name! Second, what a gorgeous hunky muscled daddy! I think it’s probably right to describe Peter Argue as a muscled daddy, right? I mean, he’s not exactly a teenager. But that’s by no means a disparaging remark, I love hunky men with some maturity and a body like this […]

Chris Salvatore Deserves Another Post

Yes, I think the hunky and handsome Chris Salvatore needs to be shared a little more on the blog, and I have some rather sexy images to share with you all in this post. I have no idea who took these images, or what it was for, but I don’t really care. It’s all about […]

Danilo Meireles With Cat - by Ronaldo Gutierrez

I know that some of you might be too distracted by the sight of the muscled body and handsome good looks of Danilo Meireles to even notice the cat, but it’s something that has had me looking at this collection of photos by Ronaldo Gutierrez with more than just a quizzical look. Lets first mention […]

Jonathan Guijarro Is Just Hairy Enough

I’m not even gonna pretend to try to understand the fashion statements being made in this shoot with handsome and hunky male model Jonathan Guijarro, but I don’t think you’ll care about that too much, you’re probably more interested in him as a gorgeous specimen of masculine deliciousness. This Spanish model is new to me, […]

A Few Shots Of Nick Gogel

So, I’ve been missing for the last couple of days and I feel I owe you guys an explanation. I know a lot of you come here regularly so not seeing anything might have pissed a few of you off I went out on Friday and got into a bit of a fight with some […]

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