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Artistic Cock Shots With Some Very Sexy Guys

It’s time for some cock on the Gay Body Blog! I was looking around out there today and wondering what to share with you all for this post when I remembered I had a folder on my desktop with some great artistic nudes that I realized I’d never shared with you, and you guys know […]

Brian Laferriere Is One Hot Hairy Hunk Of Man

I was out having coffee with a friend this morning and we got onto the subject of men, as we so often do. Of course he got his phone out to show me some of the guys he’s been hooking up with over the last few months, but among those sexy pics he likes to […]

One More Post Of Cole Monahan

Okay guys, at the risk of making the Gay Body Blog into nothing more than creepy shrine for gorgeous Cole Monahan I had to share one more post of random pics I’ve been finding out there today after going on a bit of a search. As you guys probably know (the real fans at least […]

Is Veridiano Tesch A Flasher?

I hope you guys can help me out with this… I’ve been trying to work out what the sexiest thing about Veridiano Tesch is and I just can’t put my finger on it. He’s a handsome young Brazilian hottie with a gorgeous face, sexy eyes, an amazing body and a nice bulge too, even if […]

Musclebound Alex Allny By Sasha Kosmos

Okay guys, this is going to be one for all the fans of real musclebound men, guys with a whole lot of beef on their bones and the ability to pound you into the dirt (or the mattress!) I just saw this very sexy shoot with Russian bodybuilder Alex Allny and I had to share […]

Todd Sanfield Looking Amazing, As Always!

I guess it goes without saying that whenever I see a shoot with Todd Sanfield out there it’s going to end up on the Gay Body Blog, would you expect anything less? Check out this gorgeous hunk in a new shoot, and feel free to drool. My love of this guy and his amazing body […]

We All Love Anatoly Goncharov

Anatoly Goncharov is one of those hunks we will always want to see more of, especially when he’s showing off his incredibly hot body and that tempting cock bulge in a shoot as good as this one. I know, it’s another beach shoot, but in this case I think we can forgive that just because […]

Gabriel Maciel Is Looking Lovely, And So Is That View!

I know this might seem to be a bit of an uninspired and unimaginative photo shoot, but I had to share it on the blog just because it features handsome and buff Gabriel Maciel wearing very little and showing off his gorgeous body. I’m going to be a bit critical here, so if you don’t […]

Cute And Fit Newcomer Ulrik Nielsen

Ulrik Nielsen is new to us here on the Gay Body Blog, but I don’t think it’s going to be too long before we see him back again, and hopefully showing off that smooth and tight body again too. The handsome guy is being photographed by Ray John Pila for this shoot, seemingly just starting […]

Here Guys, Enjoy A Handsome Dutch Hunk!

Boys, say hello to Pascal Maassen and prepare to be spending far too much of your Saturday afternoon thinking dirty things about him as a result of this post. I’ve just seen the handsome guy showing off his sexy abs and of course I had to have his photos on here for you all to […]

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