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Hipster Hunk Eli M By Josh Williams

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We only know him as Eli M, but that seems to be what he goes by. Every now and then I find a guy with only an initial for a surname and I go out there looking for the full deets, but in this case that seems to be who he is and there is no full name for him that I can find.

Whatever, though, I don’t mind, as long as we get to check out that hot and hairy body.

I will point out the mustache, of course. That’s not the only thing that makes me call him a hipster, but I think we all know that a guy sporting a handlebar mustache like that is clearly in that category!

I actually don’t mind that look. I think it suits him. He might remind me of a villain from a black and white silent movie about to tie a scantily clad young woman to some train tracks, but other than that I think he looks pretty damn sexy.

We could use another shoot with him wearing less clothing, but maybe that’s out there somewhere waiting for me to find?

Enjoy him, leave a comment, give him a thumbs up, share the post around! Have a lovely Monday.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 24 votes)
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