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I’m the first to admit that there are a lot of things about modern TV that I absolutely loathe with a passion. I really hate the notion of “celebrity” arising from nothing more than appearing on the screen and being vacuous enough to gain a following of idiots. But, even though I am clearly biased against the complete dominance of “reality” TV shows, I have to confess that there are the occasional little treats that have me interested.

Kenny Brian is one such example.

I don’t pay much attention to Big Brother in the UK (the TV show, not GCHQ and their insidious spying efforts lol) but after seeing some photos of the bearded hunk Kenny Brian recently I am more than a little curious about his presence on the BB Canada show.

I was compelled to look into this guy a little more after seeing him posing and showing off, getting all oiled up and giving the viewers quite the display. I know a little about him now, for instance he’s single, has a dog, and misses her. He’s apparently a very emotional man too.

That’s it, that’s all I need to know to think of him as adorable, and seeing these pics of the guy makes me think of him as sexy-adorable too. Check out that bulge! 😉

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