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Naked Guys Showing It Off

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I know we might not be due a nude post on the Gay Body Blog just yet, but I was inspired after hearing an experience from a friend of mine last night. This friend of mine has been working out a lot more over the last few months and started paying for a personal trainer. It’s obviously working because he looks totally hot and buff right now. He was always handsome and athletic, but he’s really gained some muscle since I last saw him.

Anyway, he’s developed a bit of a crush on his personal trainer. I can understand that, so many of the ones I’ve seen are totally hot. This guy is apparently gorgeous, in his early 20’s, built and hung too. My friend isn’t obviously bisexual, he doesn’t make a big thing out of it, so the personal trainer probably didn’t know that he was giving him a great show in the showers after a workout last week.

My friend really wants to get something going with him, and he’s now convinced that he has a chance, he’s certain he saw the guy getting hard. He’s now changed his schedule to be permanently last in the day, just so he increases his chances of showering with the guy.

So, yeah, hearing this made me horny as hell, and I’ve been looking around on the net for some sexy naked guys this morning because of it. I think I might actually look into getting a personal trainer too, my buddy even suggested I switch to his gym thirty miles away just so I can check out his crush and see how hot he is lol

Enjoy some of the pics I found, I know you will. 😉

Naked Guys Showing It Off (1)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (2)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (3)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (4)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (5)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (6)

Naked Guys Showing It Off (7)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 5 votes)
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  • Arthur

    I love the last picture, do you know who’s him?

  • 1tony165

    Arthur:: Benjamin Godfre did a very similar photo shoot when he was young.. It looks like his balls .. Will check my photos I have of him

  • 1tony165

    Arthur I think his left ear is pierced/ all the pics I have of Benjamin Godfre his ear is pierced.. This shot was before all the tattoos he has now.. You might find them on a google search . There are many pics to this photoshoot

  • Conran

    His name is Trevor Donovan, he started out as a model but moved into acting in 2004. He’s probably most known for playing
    Teddy Montgomery in 90210.

    He modeled for A&F, so that might be where some other guys know him from 😉

  • Robert Leck

    love gay guys with big cocks have a tight fucking ass man am up for some ass-play in Bryan College station Texas call herseybone @ 979-492-6742.

  • JAKE