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Eddie Granger is another young hunky hottie that I was surprised to find I hadn’t shared on the blog before. Maybe it’s because there’s not a whole lot of him out there, but I have a feeling that after this shoot gets around the internet there will be a lot more interest in him.

This handsome man reminds me a little of Jake Gyllenhaal, I know the similarities are only very slight, but there’s definitely something there that makes me think of him. Of course, now I’m imagining what it would be like to see them both together… Brokeback style! lol

So as I mentioned in the title this handsome and buff young man is also an artist, I guess what you would call “outsider art”. He apparently makes some interesting graphics with interesting things, and his work has become really popular.

This shoot by Wadley Wadley is a good look at the hunk, but I feel we could have had more. Maybe I’m just greedy, but these photos are not enough for me. I think there’s going to be another post of this gorgeous stud on the way soon if there’s more of him out there, which I am certain there is! 😉

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (1)

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (2)

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (3)

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (4)

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (5)

Artist And Model - Hunky Eddie Granger (6)

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  • tgf

    Awfully sexy! Thanks for the post!!:)

  • sammy

    The perfect man…YUM!!!

  • curious_sixty_two

    I see the resemblance to Mr. Gyllenhaal. But, Jake can only dream of having this kind of muscle on his scrawny frame. Even when shirtless in that marine movie a few years back, he was just so so. And, since Toby Maguire is his twin from another mother, we’ve had enough of the sad puppy dog look in Hollywood.

    Tattoos aside, Eddie is far superior.

  • Tom

    Nice find….. It’s nice to see a good-looking guy who doesn’t feel a need to shave his torso. 🙂

  • Conran

    Indeed. I do love a good smooth jock, but sometimes (more often than not) a guy is hotter with a little fur on him 😉

  • Conran

    You’re always welcome 😉

  • Conran

    Yum indeed!

  • Conran

    Man, you are so hard to please! But I’m glad you could overlook the ink in this shoot to appreciate the hunk 😉

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