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Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia

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If I were to suggest that we all probably knew a young man like Gabriel Garcia when we were younger, how many of you would immediately picture a guy you once lusted after, the perfect boy? I don’t think I’m the only one who knew a boy like that in their teen years, and Gabriel Garcia reminds me so much of him.

When I was a teen my house was like the set of Roseanne, I’m not kidding. Teen pregnancy, struggling to make ends meet, domestic squabbles and all that kind of thing was really what home life was like. Then, on the opposite end of the scale, I had friends who lived a completely different kind of home life, where their hours out of school were packed with sports, holidays, homework and so on.

I’m not complaining about it, I had a lot of freedom as a teen because I was trusted, and I had a lot of alternative education that serves me better now, and that those other guys probably didn’t have. But there was a part of me that looked at them jealously.

Gabriel Garcia reminds me of one guy I knew, and totally adored. He was smart, presentable, polite, talented, athletic to ridiculous degree, and with a body like this too. Man, I tell you, seeing that dude naked in the locker room was the highlight of my week, and was the fuel for many a jerk off too 😉

Anyway, that’s enough of my reminiscing, enjoy these pics of a stunningly secy young man showing off his gorgeous body in a shoot by Adrian C. Martin. Let me know in the comments if you recall a studly friend you lusted after like that, if you feel like sharing!

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (1)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (2)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (3)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (4)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (5)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (6)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (7)

Muscle Boy Gabriel Garcia (8)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 4 votes)
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  • Nashvillian

    Thanks, Conran, for sharing such personal pieces of your life. I for one relate to your experience of lusting after those really cute guys in the school showers. What a wonderful memory!

  • Conran

    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think most of us have a similar history and it’s nice to share it and encourage some memories! 😉

  • 1tony165

    I grew up in three times zones..my parents were biracial and 40s jitterbug dancing ,big band music, then my two older brothers are a 10 year difference , so they listened & were a part of the doowop 50s era, then my gay younger brother & I were influenced by Motown.. and throw into that mix my Dad was a Navy career man, we grew up in Barcelona..now fast forward to my first day in high school ( that’s year 9 of schooling)..my first year in gym class in an all boy school..they hand out gym clothing.. I had no clue what a jockstrap was and how/why it was used..and that began a lifelong journey into asses in jocks etc..thank you for Conran
    Tony( NYC)