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So it’s time on the blog for some nakedness, and I think I have a specimen of naked manliness that a lot of you are going to drool over. You know I’ve been enjoying the galleries on the Colt Studios site for the last few months, and sharing them for the nude posts has been a lot of fun. You seem to love a lot of the men I pick to be naked here too, so that’s a good thing!

This man might not need a whole lot of introduction for a lot of you, I just need to say Franco Corelli and a lot of you will be paying attention and checking out the photos.

Franco Corelli is definitely one of the icons of the Colt site, and he has that look that they are pretty famous for. He’s been in several releases by the studio, seemingly all solo videos. I guess that makes him especially hot for guys out there who love a good solo and a guy with some real muscle too.

You know, even though it’s sweltering here right now and I haven’t been able to find the energy to get to the gym yet this week, I think after seeing this guy and that awesome body I might be tempted to go tomorrow and check out some of the bodybuilders. I need a fix! lol

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (1)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (2)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (3)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (4)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (5)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (6)

Muscle Man Franco Corelli Naked (7)

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  • curious_sixty_two


  • xyquiz

    love his face, body and …..

  • Doc Kloepfer

    In my life I have met more AWESOMELY Gorgeous Young – Men than I really even care to admit. But Dr. Dominic D’Agostino aka Franco Corelli; TOPS them all. Except for one more. MY Most Cared about Friend C.U./C.B.-D.O.A.

  • Doc Kloepfer

    One very sad personality characteristic about all Bodybuilders. They are certainly not the person that are into any correspondence. No matter whatever means they have available. Postal Mail / Phone / The internet and especially Fax. Good Fate [luck] to whoever is trying.

  • Jules1949

    If you want really sexy natural guys look at for the best naked men on the planet!

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