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We’ve had some great body painting photos on the blog before (even though I no can’t seem to find that post! lol) but we had a suggestion from a reader called Craig recently that we should have some more of it, and you know what? I agree! ;)

So I was out there wondering around the internet and on the hunt for some new and interesting male body painting pics, and I managed to get some really sexy body painting photos together from a few different places – I think they might all be interesting to some of you, including Craig of course!

There’s a good mix here, with some pretty hot young men daring to get it all out and having someone painting them.

It always makes me wonder when I see guys like these… who painted them, and aren’t they embarrassed a little by getting hard when someone is painting their cock?! lol

There is no way someone could be using a brush and painting my dick without me getting hard. I don’t think it would be possible no matter what I think about to try to distract myself ;)

I’m betting you all have a favourite out of these photos, right? I think I know which of them most would say is the best – and the sexiest too.

Sexy Male Body Painting 1

Sexy Male Body Painting 2

Sexy Male Body Painting 3

Sexy Male Body Painting 5

Sexy Male Body Painting 6

Sexy Male Body Painting 7

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  • disqus_C1b9bbLqGo

    It’s Craig Loved them all esp silver dude

  • Nickss

    Silver body paint

  • JAKE


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