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So, after previous complaints that we were leaning a little too far towards the hairy and inked men in the past (whaaaat? I know!), it seems that fur is back in fashion on the Gay Body Blog! lol

After a recent post of a gorgeous hairy hunk, which received some nice attention from you guys, I thought I would follow that tonight with another deliciously rugged and handsome man by the name of Diego Arnary.

Salvador Pozo took a few shots of the guy – but not enough in my opinion – and here is the result of his efforts. I think we can all say that we mightily approve! He’s handsome, just rugged enough, muscled, and has a little ink. I know some of you will complain about the tatts, but tough titties, he has ink, deal with it lol

I don’t want to play a guessing game with the hairy hunks age (and really, I could find out with a little searching, probably) but I do want to point out that he’s pretty interesting in that one photo makes him look late 20’s and another makes him look mid to late 30’s. Or maybe I’m just tired and hopped up on too much caffeine to be able to see properly, who knows?

Enjoy him 😉

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (1)

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (2)

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (3)

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (4)

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (5)

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  • Tom

    The fur is nice but the ink destroys it. I am just not a fan of tatoos.

  • Russ

    Big fan of natural hair (trimmed) and ink (understated). Both in Moderation!!!

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