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I wasn’t sure about sharing this collection of pics on the blog because I’m really not sure about it. I guess I think it’s a little OTT and “obvious”, but then we are supposed to be all about the guys in the pics and not really too bothered abut the style and substance of the photography, right? Maybe I’m just being a little too “arty” and thinking about this in the wrong way, but although the guy appearing in this shoot is hot as hell, the scene and style of it is a little too much for me.

It’s by Slick It Up, one of those companies I usually love for their photography.

Of course, what I really want to know is who is that muscled jock pretending to be the “All-American trailer trash from the 1980’s” lol

He’s the best thing about this shoot, specially the shot of him showing off that ass. I can’t imagine someone actually being able to get away with wearing those denim shorts back then – unless they were in a gay club in New York at the time lol

Maybe my perception of 1980’s America is a little warped, but I’m sure a guy looking like that wouldn’t have lasted for very long anywhere other than a gay club, and he certainly wouldn’t be knocking back beers and working on a sports car 😉

And the guy in the latex gimp mask… what the f*%k is up with that? lol

Slick It Up - American Muscle (1)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (2)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (3)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (4)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (5)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (6)

Slick It Up - American Muscle (7)

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  • p-candotorg

    I wonder what “LAMB org hiney” makes of the use of their vehicles :-)?

  • 1tony165

    I have no clue about cars but that is some car,I do like it…and I love latex but my days are way over for getting into and the getting out was a trick I had to learn…

  • Tightie

    The guy in all the pictures is David Mason, who happens to be the owner and designer for the company “Slick It Up”, which as you might guess, is a fetish wear design company based out of NYC. These pics are actually from the earlier years of the company, and as successful as it seems to be getting–David doesn’t do much modeling himself anymore. He’s actually a hoot and quite artsy, snarky and amusingly bright. But I guess that really is secondary to how hot he is! :-)

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