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I missed out on a nude shoot for you guys yesterday. I’ve been totally off kilter recently and I’m not sure why. But I think this post of pics of male model Trevor Adams completely naked and showing off his immense manhood might make up for that! lol

This guy is a pretty well known fitness model, and we’ve actually had some of his tame work on the blog before. But this guy is about more than just the tease. It seems that he knows he has a lot worth showing off for the guys, and he isn’t afraid to strip and get his immense cock out for an airing!

I had a lot of fun collecting these pics for this post. The guy has done so much work, and there’s a lot of examples of his hot muscled bod and that long dick out there on the net. I was actually pretty surprised that we hadn’t shown his naked pics before on the blog.

So, I guess this is one for all the size queens out there, or those who just feel a little greedy from time to time. I would be one of the latter, in my humble opinion 😉

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (1)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (2)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (3)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (4)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (5)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (6)

Male Model Trevor Adams Naked (7)

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  • JAF

    Except for that lost shot–and THANK YOU–I’d seen all these already. He is exquisite.

  • CBS

    Last pic….WHEW!!!

  • rodrigo

    uau que documento

  • Gaylahad

    Yeah! I LIKE this guy!

  • nani


  • Mm

    Finest piece of art… Especially the thick one between his legs

  • prince

    so handsome

  • prince

    Where can i find his new pictures and contace him? plz

  • Ntando

    Nice dick I so would love to suck it

  • Jack

    Sexy guy! For more naked maled models see GayArtz!

  • Jack

    I meant for more naked models see GayArtz

  • mami

    love to have a night with this maaaaan, my ass looking for that size

  • gracey666

    great cock!

  • gracey666

    wow I would do some damage with him…. he turns me on big time!?

  • Ellermann

    Trevor Adams should move with me to Annaberg Buchholz to found model agency. Call me under 491621507556. I move to this place starting a camiopn driver before fund releasal of 47 mio USD. Perfect guy. Ellerman

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