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You know there are often male models that I see out there and I am almost 100% certain that I’ve seen them in gay porn? I don’t know if many of them have, and maybe it’s my imagination, but quite often I’ll be checking out a new hot young hunk in a collection of pics and I think I’ve seen them at least jerking off on video once before.

Of course, there are a few out there who have, I can think of at least three gorgeous male models I’ve seen go back and forth between professional male modelling and gay porn, and they do it pretty well too. But even though they might use different names for each business, it doesn’t take very long for their double life to be exposed – usually on blogs like this one! lol

Robin De Ranter is one of those guys I was sure I’ve seen in some porn before, but I’ll be damned if I can find any evidence of that. I have checked (believe me I have! lol) so maybe this is another one of my wishful thinking moments.

He is sexy, and he has a hot body. He doesn’t seem to mind showing off a little and teasing the guys. I love that wet underwear shot!

Male Model Robin De Ranter (1)

Male Model Robin De Ranter (2)

Male Model Robin De Ranter (3)

Male Model Robin De Ranter (4)

Male Model Robin De Ranter (5)

Male Model Robin De Ranter (6)

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  • tgf

    he looks familiar, very hot!

  • Robin De Ranter

    will you please delete my pictures !!!! I’m 100% straight , i have a girlfriend for about one year now , and you guys are making me ashamed!

  • dave

    so they say

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