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Anyone else ill? I’ve managed to avoid it for weeks now, while everyone else was coming down with the flu bug I was washing my hands every ten minutes, wiping down every piece of gym equipment I used before I got on it, and generally became a paranoid germaphobe! But it seemed to be working, so I didn’t care who looked at me as though I needed a padded room somewhere.

Then, this morning I woke up and my throat was killing me, by legs aching, my voice fading… dammit!

But although being ill might have slowed me down just a little, and instead of going out for a drink tonight I lay in bed and drifted in and out of dozing while highly medicated on expensive syrupy stuff, I had to come on the net and enjoy some hotness.

I might be feeling like death warmed up, but I can still pop a boner for a hot young hunk with a sexy bod wearing very little 😉

This shoot is called ”Beyond The Universe”, shot by Jorge Beirigo for Briefs Brasil. While I’m not too sure about the silver on these guys bulges, I certainly enjoy the bulges themselves! 😉

Wish me luck for the morning, I’m about to hit the sack for the night nut I fear I might wake up with full-blown manflu, and we all know that’s completely incapacitating lol

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  • John

    I do love a nice bulge – like unwrapping a present! These pics are hot hot hot!

  • tgf

    Very hot sexy guys!

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