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More Of Rusty Joiner

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First of all I have to mention something completely unrelated to this post… Apparently Jodie Foster came out at the Golden Globes. And this is one of the only times that I ever felt like I knew a secret that no one else had picked up on! lol

Okay, I know everyone knew already. But it was pretty funny to see people reacting as if it was such a shock.

On the other hand, it’s great that such an incredible movie star like her can now come out and it not be a big deal! There wasn’t hours of news coverage reporting it, there wasn’t massive public debate about it, there hasn’t been any religious nut case screaming from Fox News about how a persons presence on a screen “affects innocent children”. We really have moved on, and one of the people to thank for that is Ellen Degeneres – the first woman to really have to deal with all that insanity, and she succeeded!

Anyway, now on to this post of Rusty Joiner pics. I have to admit that I chuckle a little inside when I read that name, he sounds like the kind of mechanic you really wouldn’t want to take your car to for some body work lol

I’m guessing it’s an adopted name for the business and not his real name, but I guess you never know.

Regardless of his name, the dude is gorgeous, and I’m not gonna say anything else about him now. Just look at the pics and drool 😉

More Of Rusty Joiner (1)

More Of Rusty Joiner (2)

More Of Rusty Joiner (3)

More Of Rusty Joiner (4)

More Of Rusty Joiner (5)

More Of Rusty Joiner (6)

More Of Rusty Joiner (7)

More Of Rusty Joiner (8)

More Of Rusty Joiner (9)

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  • His real name is Jason Russell Joiner, “Rusty” has been his nickname since childhood. He’s been modeling, very successfully, since about 1994.

  • Ken91723

    Have always thought of Rusty as the quintessential hot jock in modeling…enjoyed seeing him in “Dodgeball”

  • Sam

    Yes, Rusty was the hottest model during the 90’s…he was seen everywhere in mags, ads, online and dvds. Wonder what is he doing now. Thanks for memory posting!