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A little while ago it was pointed out to me that we could use a little more youthful sexiness on the blog, and I realized that although we’re pretty eclectic here when it comes to the kinds of models and subjects we love to show off and share here, there are a lot of gorgeous younger models out there and amazing photographers who focus on them too that I could be posting about.

I think Samry and Leo in this collection of shots by Didio are a great example of exactly that.

These hot boys are so sexy, and they’re captured in these images in the perfect way to really show them off too.

I especially love the “Country Boy” theme to this collection of images too. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had that fantasy of “corrupting” a young country hunk. You have, haven’t you? I don’t think any gay man could have possibly watched Brokeback and not contemplated selling their city apartment and rushing out to become a farm hand or something lol

If you didn’t think about that after watching that film, you probably will be thinking about it after appreciating Samry and Leo in this post ;)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (1)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (2)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (3)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (4)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (5)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (6)

Hot Boys Samry And Leo (7)

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  • Roger Wisdom

    Thanks – a good start to 2013!

  • Conran

    Oh they definitely are! ;)

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