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After the last post of Pedro Soltz (thanks to a friend trying to cheer me up and emailing me some of his pics) I had to get out there on the net and see what else I could find of this handsome Brazilian male model. And there were quite a few really sexy pics of the hunk too.

I have to start this off by announcing that, unfortunately, the dude is straight, and he’s been dating a female model for a while now. Plenty of other male models never seem to have a relationship last long enough to register in the world out there, or people just don’t care. There actually are a lot of bisexual and gay male models in the business, but I guess a lot of them just want to keep their private lives separate.

I know we had some great bulge shots in the last post, but I have to mention it for this one… that is a pretty big package the dude has. lol

There are a lot of sexy guys on the blog in underwear shoots, but Pedro Soltz definitely has one of the most impressive talents in that department. Once again it is a damn shame he’s straight – like I had a chance lol

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (1)

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (2)

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (3)

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (4)

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (5)

A Little More Of Pedro Soltz (6)

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  • Arthur

    We want naked pictures!

  • pointer165

    Arthur…Gypsy Rose Lee(do a Google) always said “leave something ON for the illusion” and she was right..if your 19yo then this site is not for you, there are many others but for good sexy,hot men in mostly no clothes then Conrad’s site is there..Cheers..Tony(NYC)

    PS:Conrad my younger Brother just told me he has the flu

  • Arthur

    I didn’t mean to want naked pictures of men in general hahaha I just thought that this Pedro Soltz is damn hot and after all his bulge pictures, I’d put a last one with a peek of his cock or balls, I agree with the quote by the way :) And I’m a fan of your posts about underwear teasing and peeks of guys junk, I like your blog because you’ve got taste choosing the pictures, other blogs aren’t like yours :)

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