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I have a little bit of a horny reason for sharing this collection of pics today. I was inspired by another pretty hung guy at the gym this morning and when I got home I was quickly on the net looking for some delicious inches! lol

This is a shoot from Playgirl, of a guy called Hugh, and that’s all we know about him apparently. But we don’t exactly need to know a whole lot, because these pics tell us everything we need 😉

Although he’s not massively hung, he definitely seems to be a “grower”, with some lovely semi-hard inches to show off when he gets started.

The guy at the gym this morning was hot as hell. It’s not often I see a guy in the showers that makes me pop a boner straight away, but this guy did. He was totally smooth (something I don’t normally like in a guy) and had a really tight muscled butt. He had a great body, and long black hair that made him look a little like an alternative dude.

But the best thing about him was the uncut dick hanging there in front of him, curved like a banana in front of a low hanging pair of shaved balls too. Man the guy was hung! I don’t mean freakishly hung, but more than enough to play with. I guess it was 7″ soft (or semi soft, because I don’t think many men stay totally soft in the showers, at least not at my gym! lol)

I know some of you are probably into the “bigger guys” with more to offer, but what are your thoughts on hung men? Is it really something you just enjoy when you see it, but don’t look for – like me?

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (1)

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (2)

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (3)

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (4)

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (5)

Hot Naked Guy In The Shower (6)

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  • Tom

    I want to know your gym! 😉

  • tgf

    .BIG HUGE very humongous! Awesome muscles great looks and nice package ! Sometimes a little tease is good, but in this case…NOT!

  • mike

    Nice cock love the facial hair too!

  • Cute….it’s so a nice 🙂

  • Stephen Richards


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