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There is a lot about this collection of pics that has my interest, and after I spent a little time checking out some more of the pics on the H2H-images site today and I saw these shots of an uncut guy in the shower, I wanted to get some more on the blog for you guys to check out.

First of all, I do have to mention the whole uncut cock thing again. After the little discussion about it on the blog a while ago it seems that mos guys love the foreskin, and with good reason too. I think uncut dicks are hotter in every way – they’re more interesting, they feel good, they taste good! And, being uncut myself, I have to say that I believe uncut guys feel more pleasure. I can imagine what it would feel like to be cut, and whenever I think about it I’m just more and more certain that it reduces sensation.

Anyway, this guy is hot. He might not be your typical male jock model, but he is sexy nonetheless, and we all love a good shower shoot! I hope the guys on the blog don’t mind me sharing these ones with you too.

Uncut Guy In The Shower (1)

Uncut Guy In The Shower (2)

Uncut Guy In The Shower (3)

Uncut Guy In The Shower (4)

Uncut Guy In The Shower (5)

Uncut Guy In The Shower (6)

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  • Alex

    Niceeee! 🙂 My kind of guy. Same body type as mine. 😛

  • zack


  • Zack

    I’m look for man whit uncut cock

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