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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you’re having a nice afternoon/evening so far and that all the kids banging on your door haven’t been too much of a distraction. I’ve just had a whole gang of little vampires and witches run away from my door when the dog was spooked and became a little too playful. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that one of my friends bought him a severed arm chew toy and he won’t let it go. The kids see what looks like a bloody child’s arm in his jaws and they run for the hills! lol

I was planning to go with a spooky theme for this post today, but to be honest it doesn’t seem as though there’s a lot out there in a Halloween style for me use! Instead, I found these sexy pics of German model Tadzio and decided that his bod was too delicious to pass up, so I’ve got some of the pics on here for you to appreciate too 😉

Tadzio is a 29 year old male model from Düsseldorf, and I think we can all agree that he has a truly ripped bod! Check out those abs, and the teasing flash of some fur too… yummy!

German Hunk Tadzio (1)

German Hunk Tadzio (2)

German Hunk Tadzio (3)

German Hunk Tadzio (4)

German Hunk Tadzio (5)

German Hunk Tadzio (6)

German Hunk Tadzio (7)

German Hunk Tadzio (8)

German Hunk Tadzio (9)

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  • Roger

    The later shots are attractive, but why has a guy with a great body opted for facial fur? Sorry but that (like tattoos) is turn-off for me.

  • Sam

    What a yummie treat for such a hot trick!

  • fyi, up unitl now, he has also modelled under the name “Matus.”

  • Fabio RJ

    Tb sou um cara pintoso,mais esse çoiro é lindo,esxulpido em todas as for,as

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