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Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro

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It’s Friday once again, and once again I am shocked at how fast this week has passed! But I’m so looking forward to the weekend and that’s all that matters!

I’m going out for the night tomorrow with a really hot guy I’ve been trying to hook up with for a while. He’s so sexy, and although he’s a little “straight-ish” that just makes him even sexier. He’s exploring things at the moment, and I’m the lucky guy getting to teach him a few things – hopefully.

Now, to get you all in the mood for the weekend I’ve gathered together some hot pics of a brand new hunk on the Randy Blue site. Once again they’re being a little coy about him and not saying whether he’s into cock or not. They love to tease like that, and while it is annoying it does make me look forward to seeing what he’ll be doing the next time he’s in front of their cameras.

His name is Matt Castro, and the sporty muscled hunk is a gorgeous example of gym-trained athletic hotness, with a meaty uncut cock that needs some stroking. He’s handsome too, and that stubble just adds to his appeal in my opinion.

Check out the video trailer at the bottom of the pics too. I felt I had to add that as the pics are sexy but limited when it comes to cock 😉

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (1)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (2)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (3)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (4)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (5)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (6)

Jerking It With Butch Hunk Matt Castro (7)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • TonyC

    I will tell you what I love about this guy…there’s that bit of “love fat” and I ADORE IT!..body image for the Gay Community is “way over the top” and always has been since I was dancing at Studio 54 in the 80s….nothing has changed but it’s gotten WORSE!..IF you ever get a chance, get out to Fire Island ,PINES…to an event on the beach, in the Summer there’s several…..I have lived also in Provincetown,Mass. for 10 years in the 90s, already another Gay mecca now and I moved there not for any Gay scene but for the sheer beauty of that peninsula…a MUST to see on the”off seasons”..not Summer..so I do love this guy and know, if he’s in front of that camera, he’s comfortable with his body and he does workout…that stomach”six pack” doesn’t come rom sitting at a DESK!…..The women have been doing it in the USA with “the Dove Campaign”! heavier women and all in a TV Ad..started with Oprah but women before Gay men are seeing “the Light”of living an honest life.I don’t want the Gay Community to be unhealthy but there are boundaries…don’t touch your body with chemicals that a friggin PIG would spit out, I am talking about “chem fillers for your face”, massive usage of face shots etc…we know you’ve done it, you show up at work and look like your “mother gave BIRTH TO YOU AGAIN”..CELEBS are another story but they are a”symbol” of what is beauty! and mostly to the younger generation

    …his body above speaks so much to me, in the way he handles himself..THAT makes me happy!..you didn’t think TONY would go there HUH??…and all because ,when I was in that party scene, my body NEVER>EVER fit in..it took me decades, literally to find out, it doesn’t matter in the end…because I was getting “laid” and in the end being honest to yourself, being as healthy as you can be, is the MOST important thing on Planet Earth…

    I now step down off the “SOAP BOX”! THIS guy is HOT!

  • Conran

    Wow, Tony! Thanks for that response. I sometimes get caught in the trap of describing guys as muscled, but they don’t fit the stereotype image of what a muscled man is. I know some guys might look at him and think his body is “average” but in my opinion he’s hot as hell. I would rather get it on with a guy like this than a rock solid chunk of idiot with a 8-pack. lol

  • Jules

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