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It’s times like this I wish I’d paid attention in French class.

I’ve just been checking out this really sexy editorial in the Sensitif magazine, and when I saw these pics I definitely wanted to know more. But without knowing French and spending a while going through all the text I really don’t have much to share with you about the hunkiness appearing.

Of course, I can comment on the sexy hairy muscle and how gorgeous these pics are, and I guess that’s the most important thing. But it would be nice to have a name or two so I can see what else there might be out there.

I’m actually reminded of a guy I love to watch at the gym. There’s a guy who turns me on so much, and he is unashamedly hairy, but he keeps it under control. The first time I saw him I wondered if he had a furry ass and whether he did any manscaping down below, so after about two weeks I managed to time things just right and followed him into the shower…

Yes, he has a trail that goes all the way down to a trimmed dark bush, and his muscled round ass is dusted with fur too. And yes, I was excited to see him, and I had to hurry up and shower before leaving for a cubicle in the restroom lol

Hairy Muscle Model 1 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 6 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 2 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 3 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 4 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 5 Hairy Muscle Model

pixel Hairy Muscle Model
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  • Jeff Atwood

    His name is Arnaud Dehaynin.

  • jamthecat

    Merde! Les francais…oh, la…

  • janvos

    Great hairy body and face. So natural. He can cook my meal anytime

  • tgf

    Handsome manly muscled and awesome hair! :)

  • tgf

    Handsome manly muscled and awesome hair! :) thanks for the pics

  • Daniel

    I´m hairy men´s lover but in this case I prefer Antton Harri that is not hairy. Anyway this guy is attractive.

  • 路人

    He is French bartender/server, works at Raidd Bar in Le Marais, Paris, France.
    He is gay….IoI

  • Daniel Morales

    Really handsome….all over…

  • alarn

    So sexy

  • robert Leck

    like this SEXY HUNK1 he can fuck me any time like WOW!

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