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It’s times like this I wish I’d paid attention in French class.

I’ve just been checking out this really sexy editorial in the Sensitif magazine, and when I saw these pics I definitely wanted to know more. But without knowing French and spending a while going through all the text I really don’t have much to share with you about the hunkiness appearing.

Of course, I can comment on the sexy hairy muscle and how gorgeous these pics are, and I guess that’s the most important thing. But it would be nice to have a name or two so I can see what else there might be out there.

I’m actually reminded of a guy I love to watch at the gym. There’s a guy who turns me on so much, and he is unashamedly hairy, but he keeps it under control. The first time I saw him I wondered if he had a furry ass and whether he did any manscaping down below, so after about two weeks I managed to time things just right and followed him into the shower…

Yes, he has a trail that goes all the way down to a trimmed dark bush, and his muscled round ass is dusted with fur too. And yes, I was excited to see him, and I had to hurry up and shower before leaving for a cubicle in the restroom lol

Hairy Muscle Model 1 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 6 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 2 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 3 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 4 Hairy Muscle Model

Hairy Muscle Model 5 Hairy Muscle Model

pixel Hairy Muscle Model
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  10 Responses to “Hairy Muscle Model”

  1. His name is Arnaud Dehaynin.

  2. Merde! Les francais…oh, la…

  3. Great hairy body and face. So natural. He can cook my meal anytime

  4. Handsome manly muscled and awesome hair! :)

  5. Handsome manly muscled and awesome hair! :) thanks for the pics

  6. I´m hairy men´s lover but in this case I prefer Antton Harri that is not hairy. Anyway this guy is attractive.

  7. He is French bartender/server, works at Raidd Bar in Le Marais, Paris, France.
    He is gay….IoI

  8. Really handsome….all over…

  9. So sexy

  10. like this SEXY HUNK1 he can fuck me any time like WOW!

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