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A couple of my friends know how much I adore Rick Day and his style, so when they see a shoot out there they often get some of the pics together for me to enjoy. Of course, when the shoot is as hot and steamy as this one featuring Todd Sanfield it’s going on the blog for you guys to appreciate too!

It’s Sunday, and a lot of us need something to cheer us up and prepare us for the week ahead. We have to make the most of our weekends and I have no doubt that a lot of you are like me when it comes to being really horny the day after a night out. That’s why I was sure you guys would enjoy these pics.

Unlike some of the other shoots of other hot male models, Todd Sanfield isn’t shy about showing off a little bit more. I know Rick Day has a great talent when it comes to persuading his subjects to show off in some really teasing shots, and these ones are definitely teasing!

I don’t know about you, but I was expecting a full-frontal at the end. I know, we don’t need it really – but that would have been SO hot! lol

Todd Sanfield Naked (1)

Todd Sanfield Naked (2)

Todd Sanfield Naked (3)

Todd Sanfield Naked (4)

Todd Sanfield Naked (5)

Todd Sanfield Naked (6)

Todd Sanfield Naked (7)

Todd Sanfield Naked (8)

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  • Anth

    He’s definitely gorgeous! And I do agree that I want a full frontal of him! Can’t get enough of Todd! He’s just too hot!

  • Conran

    I had a slight inkling that I wasn’t the only one lol

  • calinescu marius


  • Martin

    I love todds penis I feel like sucking it all day

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