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Leon Fala is the stunning hunk appearing in this hard photo shoot for Revista Hommens, and although I don’t normally add images from male nude magazines like this one, I was actually feeling a little nostalgic about the old porn mags I remember from my teen years! lol

I guess most of us had our secret stash of adult “special interest” magazines, right? I had two secret stashes, one was for me and my straight friends to jerk off over together, and the other was a top secret stash of gay porn mags just for me to beat my meat over when I was alone.

I actually wonder what I ever did with them. Some of my buddies still have theirs from back then, in a box in the attic or at the back of the wardrobe. It’s great that magazines like this are still going though, and I think I might have to look into this one a little more after checking out these pics of Leon Fala showing it all off.

This isn’t just a nude shoot, it’s a hard and throbbing shoot starring the gorgeous hunk in some totally delicious poses that will have you drooling!

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  • jamthecat

    Leon Fala was amazingly beautiful and so effortlessly sexy, it hurt.

  • Kevin

    OMG…he is GORGEOUS!

  • tgf

    A man`s man!!

  • sizespec

    Looks like a slimmer version of Vince Ferrelli and cute :-)

  • Anth

    He’s just stunning! What a hottie!

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