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One of my buddies sent me an email yesterday asking me about the plans for some breaks this summer. I guess the sudden arrival of the sun has done something to him and he’s now really thinking about what the boys are going to be doing this year.

Every summer a few of us get together a couple of times and head to the beach for a weekend, or a new city for a couple of nights out at the clubs and pubs. It’s like a tradition now, and even though a couple of the guys have families it’s kind of agreed that we make time for at least one trip all together.

I’m thinking the beach this year, and if I can find somewhere with a nude beach I’m definitely gonna be making that proposal! Even though not all the guys are gay, we’re all pretty open to whatever, and as long as we’re all in the same town or city and can meet up for a gig or a bar crawl we can all do our separate things.

This shoot has definitely inspired me. The sexy lean muscled boy in this collection of pics is Dorian Reeves, a delicious young man that I guess we would call a twink? I know he’s a little more lean than a lot of the muscled guys we feature on the blog, but when I saw this collection I knew you guys would enjoy it!

The photographer is Torian Lewin, and I think we can agree that this is definitely a job well done 😉

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (1)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (2)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (3)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (4)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (5)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (6)

Nude Beach Boy Dorian Reeves (7)

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  • tgf

    He is definitely handsome!

  • Russ

    Dorian is one of my favorites…sure wish I had been at the beach that day!!!!

  • m.riyas

    wow super i want sex

  • David

    Dorian is delicious , so handsome and he’s got that great feminine look! I wish I could be with him and show him what a man does to his sweet look, he will love it

  • João Stricker

    Dorian Reeves is a girl, he looks like a girl, and his body is delicious! I wanna get it and do what he likes !

  • Paunaboneka

    He is a girl with a nice ass! I wanna put something inside of you pretty girl

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