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Hunky Muscle Twins Dino And Georgio Georgiades

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I have to make a confession here and admit that I really don’t do the reality TV shows. You know all those supposedly “real” drama shows where they make that statement at the start that some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes? They really annoy me.

So I guess every country has those shows now, and one of them in the UK is “The Only Way Is Essex”. I guess you could compare it to Jersey Shore or something? It’s basically just a lot of random people who want to be celebrities but have no obvious talent! lol

But, I found that there is one good reason for it, or at least there was in 2011. Check out Dino and Georgio Georgiades!

As I understand it, these twin brothers were on the show, and although I don’t like those shows, I would have watched it for these guys! lol

It has to be said that while they are pretty to look at, I would probably have had to turn the volume down. It seems they are pretty idiotic, just a little shallow, and generally not that interesting to see beyond drooling over their physiques and the fact that spend some time wearing nothing but tight white underwear lol

Still, at least they seem to get what their particular talent it – looking good!

These pics are obviously not from the show, but I prefer seeing hot guys like this in a modeling shoot.

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (1)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (2)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (3)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (4)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (5)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (6)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (7)

Dino And Georgio Georgiades (8)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • tgf

    Are they brothers? They are HOT! HOT!

  • tgf

    OH duh, they are brothers! I am so embarrassed!

  • 赵小柏


  • ed king

    somehow the pictures look photoshoped,,the heads are too large for the bodies

  • jordan

    Hey i was at a club with the twins (dino, georgio) not that long ago and got my picture taken with them in all honesty there not the best looking 🙂 and if i remember im head and shoulders taller than them there pretty small! but still i wouldnt say no hehe

  • Conran

    Haha! I only just noticed that! lol

  • They are NOT bad looking at all. It’s the photographer problem! If I had to shoot guys like that, a tad shorter than your average model obviously one would shoot them from a lower angle and find a setting that make them look taller instead of all these verticals that accentuates their shortness. Maybe the brand client liked their maybe more “average” height look but still the issue here is the guy behind the lens. My mentor for who I style a lot http://www.gabrielmorosan.com is an ab fab people photographer and would not make such mistakes.

  • Nick Russell

    Is it me or do they look like characters in the old ‘Thunderbirds’ series?

    For those of you who don’t know what ‘Thunderbirds’ was …