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Okay guys, When I saw some of these pics on another blog and knew there were more out there I went on a bit of a hunt to track them down. But I know a lot of you are really into Caio Cesar like I am, and when I found more of the pics from this shoot I knew you’d love them!

This boy has to be one of my all-time favorites. Of all the guys I’ve posted about on the blog this handsome hunk gets my dick throbbing every time I see him. He has absolutely everything I love in a dude – he’s so good looking, he has an awesome body without being too muscled, he has a little hair in all the right places, and he’s not scared to show off more flesh than a lot of other male models when the photographer is good.

To top it all off, the guy is a real sweetheart too. I’ve seen some of the things others have written about Caio Cesar after working with him, and they all say he’s such a friendly and down-to-earth guy, the kind of guy everyone wants to be friends with.

The final thing that makes this guy so utterly adorable is that he’s a veterinarian too. I love animals, and I donate to several animal charities, so having that love of all things furry, scaly and feathered is a definite plus in my book!

Caio Cesar Naked Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 1 600x445 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 6 600x446 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 2 600x372 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 3 600x372 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 4 600x372 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 8 600x445 Caio Cesar Naked!

Caio Cesar Naked 7 600x445 Caio Cesar Naked!

pixel Caio Cesar Naked!
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  4 Responses to “Caio Cesar Naked!”

  1. I want him badddddddddddddd….

  2. I have a feeling you are not the only one. In fact I know you’re not! lol

  3. I love this guy! A handsome guy, very sexy, very hot!!

  4. I love his eyes. Thanks for the pictures.

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