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After the post yesterday featuring some of the most delicious hunky men in some classic physique photography, I had to get some more erotic pics up on the blog when I saw these nude shots of really sexy models showing it all off.

It really does surprise me how erotic and sexual men were back when images like these were taken. I don’t mean that I’m surprised guys were horny, it’s just that we don’t really consider guys back through history enjoying cock, do we?

I’m assuming that the majority of these are indeed classic shots (and not modern fakes), but it is remarkable that such images exist considering the legalities of pornography and homosexuality throughout history.

Of course, it goes without saying that there have always been horny men, and I guess that when photography really started up one of the first things it would have been used for was taking pictures of naked men and women! I guess it’s the historical equivalent of the first camera phones being used to send cock pics? lol

So, it’s the middle of the week, we’re almost on the down slide to the weekend, and I really can’t wait! Enjoy this sexy classic male nude photography, with lots of unknown men and their unknown photographers. It’s all amazing, and I love it!

Classic Male Nude Photography (1)

Classic Male Nude Photography (2)

Classic Male Nude Photography (3)

Classic Male Nude Photography (4)

Classic Male Nude Photography (5)

Classic Male Nude Photography (6)

Classic Male Nude Photography (7)

Classic Male Nude Photography (8)

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  • tgf

    Those WERE the days!!!! :)

  • TonyC

    love these pics and the great “Tom of Finland” cartoons..I can not believe, I actually J/O to most of those cartoons..that tells you my age :-) things have CHANGED, hopefully for the better..the kids seem to be doing better with great attitudes…that’s the “good side of the coin”!

    “I’m a HAPPY GIRL!”’s my Birthday” …singing with MDMN new CD..THE BEST Madonna’s done since the 90s!!


  • TheGuy

    Who are the men in the 2nd and 3rd pictures?

  • eric holes

    im a gay and i love watching those picture… i love coak so much thnx for posting that more power!!!!

  • Peter

    They are beautiful! Truly! Thanks for sharing

  • Nickss

    Wow, these pics are beautiful… Thanks a lot for sharing them!!

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