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Ever since I was a young man I’ve had a fetish for the locker room and communal showers. I think that’s the same for a lot of gay men though, am I right? There’s just something really sexually charged about those places, and I guess it has a lot to do with nudity, masculinity and probably the smell of sweat too. 😉

I was having a conversation about this with a guy I went to the gym with this morning. As usually happens I got a little “excited” in the showers, and although my buddy is bi we’ve never really gotten around to doing anything yet. So after we left we went to this coffee place and we got onto the subject of it. He had noticed, of course. I hadn’t noticed that he’d responded in kind though! lol

So, I’m not alone in this obviously, and he admitted to he has a thing about the showers too, especially when there are straight guys there.

It got me thinking about just how common this is, and whether gay or bi guys actually avoid the showers for fear of that inconvenient boner? But it also got me searching for some pics of some hot guys getting wet, either alone or with some friends. So, enjoy these men in the shower, and let me know your opinion on shower boners, if you have any opinions of course!

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

Men in the shower

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  • Gerry

    Mmmm….very hot pictures. Any kind of boner is GREAT!

  • Charlie

    U r not alone….I for one find these type of pictures to be hotter than any other seeing men nude together having fun for me is more excting than anything else………

  • ron

    I have always worried about a boner in the shower but that never stopped me joining in

  • ed king

    Wish I were the towel boy

  • Conran

    Oh, so do I! 😉

  • Thorny

    See this was a fantasy for me too until I was on a camping trip and got seriously harassed by a bunch of rednecks in the shower building for being uncut. It’s more of a nightmare now :(

  • Conran

    They’re just jealous! Seriously, I see so many guys these days truing to stretch it back. They’re on forums and groups all over the place bitching about their parents to doing it. 😉

  • tgf

    I wish I had the guts to join a gym! :)

  • Thorny

    Oh I’m totally proud of my accessory and my bf loves it! :) I just don’t use public showers in hicksville anymore and I take my bf in with me when we’re at the gym 😀

  • Dan

    Very hot pics – I’ve always had a thing for guys in the shower too. :) These guys have beautiful thick cocks.

  • Conran

    I know what you mean. It’s definitely one of the most erotic situations a guy could ever be in in my opinion. 😉


    The last photo is gorgeous, who is he???

  • luke

    Yep same here! There is some guy who sometimes comes and he has a massive d***. I get a boner but keep it hidden. Maybe i should make a move?

  • eric holes

    so hot picture!!!!! i love guys that have a huge coak., like the last photo i saw!!! i love you mwah!!

  • shy guy

    I’ve avoided group showers my whole life because I’m afraid I’ll get hard.

  • Jonathan n

    The guy in that last picture can share my shower any day!

  • Jazzymoon

    I don’t know why, but hairy hunks with small penises taking a shower does it for me. I remember being flashed by someone exactly like that years ago and we ended up in bed. Believe me, what he lacked in length and girth, he more than compensated with performance and “vocal acrobatics” (nothing sexier than a man grunting before orgasm!).

  • Gemini

    It happens it happens, it not like no has seen that before. Just don’t act on it

  • Gemini

    He does have a nice body and a good thick cock

  • Gemini

    Communal showers are the best . You get a good look at every good body there is, There are some you just don’t spend time looking at. The best is when you have a straight guy that likes to look and likes to be appreciated =so u take tours letting him see your backside and when u turn around then he turns around and lets you examine his backside reallly good.

  • Ryan Kelley

    I really like the 4th and final photo.

  • Locker

    Straight guy here but enjoy when guys check me out in the gym showers. I guess I’m an exhibitionist but I make sure they get a good look

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