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Okay, I think it’s time to see a little dick, but in this case it’s definitely not little!

I love the work of photographer Dylan Rosser, he’s just such a talented man. And when he has a gorgeous young hunk like Dominic Nel in front of his cameras he can create some images that really do kind of cross the line between style, fashion and erotica. In my opinion, these images are great because they somehow give the impression of being a magazine fashion shoot, while being about the models hot body, and while showing some proper nudity and becoming erotica. Its like he’s captured every aspect of this young man all in one.

For those who might not be too familiar with the guy, his name is Dominic Nel, and although he started out as a model, he’s now a photographer. But that’s not all. This British hottie has also performed in gay porn under the name of James Nichols too. 😉

Yep, he’s another of those really hot guys who has somehow managed to make a transition through the various worlds of adult and mainstream modeling, and reached the point of being a photographer. I think that must indicate some intelligence and common sense on his part, because I’ve seen several hot guys fail completely with their bad attitudes or poor decisions. It’s great to see this young hunk being so successful.

Enjoy, I know you will! 😉

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

Dominic Nel by Dylan Rosser

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  • Jake

    Nice cock.

    Love to see it hard. ;;o)

  • Jose Luiz

    Perfectly delicious!

  • joke

    so big

  • JAF

    Just ONE shot showing his dick?

  • Conran

    There are only so many out there that are large enough to add here. If I added them and blew them up to fit the post we’d have guys complaining that they’re poor quality.
    I’m not a photographer, I find what I can and appreciate the photographers who take the images, but it’s not as simple as just “getting cock pics” from anywhere and making them big and juicy for all the guys to enjoy 😉
    It’s not all about the dick.

  • Charense

    Wow conran! Isn’t he has the most beautiful face and body? Big like for him!!!! 😉

  • Philip

    He’s actually South African

  • Pumpndump

    From the moment I saw his perfect facial bone structure with that chiseled, squared jaw, and mixed race I knew his ass would be just as perfect, his ass cheeks are a true invitation for getting lost in between them… I agree with Conran that is not all about the dick, but thats difficult to teach for all these size queen bottoms trolling the web.

  • toby

    beautiful boy delightful cock thanks for sharing that beautiful body

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