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I love this time of year, mainly because I was brought up in a modern pagan household where we celebrated differently. But it was always a great mix of hope and fun, mixing the old and the new.

So this year I haven’t actually been out partying all that much, although I am heading out tonight for a meal with some of my nearest and dearest before heading to a club for a couple of hours. Thankfully, the weather here has held off nicely.

I was thinking about adding something else with a Halloween theme today, but that’s a little too predictable, isn’t it? I don’t like to be predictable, so when I saw the hot shoot below featuring the sexy Steven Watson showing a little more than your average male model I knew it was one to share with you guys.

So you know I love the “bad boy” image right? And while there’s no ink on his body, a leather jacket or a motorbike featured in this one, the nudity and the gestures do something for me. I know, I’m really easy lol

Shayne Fergusson is the talented man taking these snaps and managing to wiggle the hot dude out of his underwear for some teasing images. And they’re definitely hot!

Steven Watson By Shayne Fergusson Steven Watson in Underwear By Shayne Fergusson Teasing Steven Watson By Shayne Fergusson Hairy Male Model Steven Watson By Shayne Fergusson Steven Watson Naked By Shayne Fergusson Muscled and Hairy Steven Watson By Shayne Fergusson Steven Watson Nude By Shayne Fergusson Hairy Steven Watson Naked By Shayne Fergusson Steven Watson Naked Jock Butt By Shayne Fergusson

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  • Marc Margetts

    Adorable boy, just the right amount of hair, I need this boy for the weekend

  • Jay Denton

    What a gorgeous hunk. He is incredible !!

  • JAF

    I’d rather see his cock instead of his “bird.” These shots of guys covering the goods and flipping their fingers at the camera don’t amuse me.

  • 哎,

  • nudegayguy

    I’m willing to see the bird as long as I could see his dick too.

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