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Multi Talented Hunk Jamie Dornan

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When a friend offers me a name to look up for some shots to feature here I never really know if they’re gonna fit. I mean, most of the time they definitely do, but sometimes the guy I find or the images there are out there just don’t work.

But when one of my buddies suggested I add a post featuring model, actor and musician Jamie Dornan I found quite a lot that I knew you guys would want to see.

Now, sometimes I really wish I could take the time and find the info to put all the images I gather into chronological order, because with some guys you can really see that they’ve developed or lost a lot of muscle or tone from one pic to another. I’m reliably told that the more muscular Jamie Dornan is the more recent. So you can rest assured that he probably looks hotter now than he ever has.

Like I said, the guy is not just a model, he’s an actor and musician too. He appeared in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie-Antoinette and once was a member of a folk band which broke up a few years ago. But he is no doubt most widely known for his work with some of the larger names in the fashion world, most notably Calvin Klein and Armani.

 Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-1 rating, 1 votes)
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    BABY….you need a place to stay??…Hot man

    sorry I had to say it…


  • anon

    he was kiera kinightley’s ex…before her current boyfriend….

  • Sam

    Jamie Dornan also appeared in the first season of “Once Upon a Time” as the Sheriff of Storybrook/Huntsman who was tasked with killing Snow White. He had a dalliance with the Evil Queen/Mayor resulting in some nice shirtless scenes.

  • jules

    You can see him naked on GayArtz!