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My buddy Zack posted some pics from a set of this hunk way back in June 2009 in this post (opens in new tab), and I’ve been meaning to show a little more flesh from this gorgeous guy since then, so here it is!

Joel Rush is one of those guys that I think we’d all like to know, with his handsome looks and that killer muscled body. But he has a whole lot more going on than just his outward appearance, as said in the previous post where his appearance on True Beauty was mentioned. It is possible for a really gorgeous guy like him to have a decent and moral attitude too. But then we already knew that.

Although the pics of him in those jeans (and the thought of him going commando too) was hot, I don’t think any of us are against seeing this gorgeous man in nothing but some bulging briefs. I’ve gathered these from all over, but I think most are promoting Timoteo underwear, and he certainly does a great job of showing them off.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about Joel Rush that I love so much, but I know that butt has something to do with it! icon wink Less Is More With Joel Rush

I was gonna link to his personal website, but it seems to be off-line. I do hope he’s still in the business, I’d love to see more of this stunning man!

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pixel Less Is More With Joel Rush
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  6 Responses to “Less Is More With Joel Rush”

  1. Wow. Seriously?? You had me until that last photo with the anorexic chick. Dont get me wrong -I like pussy as much as I dig hot muscular guys, but scrawn like that is a turn-off. I prefer to think they were telling her to get lost so they could get busy with each other :D

  2. I wish I could find me a uberhottie like him!

  3. a boy exotic, handsome, horny…..
    I’m crasy

  4. Joel Rush es un hombre delicioso, cuerpo esculturual, bello rostro masculino, buena musculatura. Me encanta sus brazos y muslos, de hecho todo su cuerpo es un encanto

  5. Now that is some handsome guy with one incredibly handsome body. I’m not at all a fan of tattoos, but I’ll ignore them with this guy. I also hope he’s still in the business. It would be a crime to not have that body on display.

  6. que csa tan bella y encantadora,esa mirada,como diciendo te voy hacer lo que yo quiera,ufff yo me entregaría inmediatamente.

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