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You have to admit it’s pretty clever to promote a boy band to the gay audience through nudity. And even though most of the boys are presumably straight, they know where the money and fame is coming from, and it seems they’re often more than happy to get their kit off for a photo shoot in a gay mag if it’ll boost their career.

The images below are from a shoot for Attitude Magazine in the UK, featuring British boy band McFly. There’s no doubt the guys are seriously cute, and they have some fit bods underneath those clothes too. But McFly are no strangers to getting their kit off for the fans, having shocked audiences previously by appearing on stage completely nude.

A few of the boys have also allegedly been caught on webcam doing some very interesting things! And there are apparently even a few images out there of the boys flashing each other and showing off to the camera.

It might be considered cynical by some to use sex and nudity to promote your band, but I have to say, I like it! I’m not gonna complain if some little hotties want to get their kit off in the hope of furthering their career. And when the guys clearly enjoy getting their tackle out together, it’s even hotter 🙂

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