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Okay, so I know we’ve featured this incredible model here before, but I’ve taken a look at those posts and some of the images I’ve found of this awesomely handsome, built and hung guy and noted a distinct discrepancy…

To rectify the imbalance, and because there seemed to be a nice response to the previous posts, I have decided to go all out and share some amazing pictures of this hunk in all his bare beauty. Now, before you scroll down to the images, I feel I must warn that you might find yourself becoming very hungry, extremely horny and probably a little jealous too.

I saw one of these images a long time ago and never knew who the guy was. I was fascinated by the image but couldn’t find the name to go with it. So I was extremely happy to find these pics on my search today, and finally discover that his name is Leighton Stultz.

And once I knew that, I was able to find a whole lot more too!

So, if you’re hoping for artistic beauty in photography, comments on prowess, design and lighting, you might want to come back tomorrow when normal service will resume. Until then, satisfy your baser desires with these amazing images of this young muscle dude and savour the moment.

Oh, and let me know what you think too. I want to hear if you enjoy these pics! icon smile Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)

Leighton Stultz Hot Body Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Low Hangers Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Suddenly Modest Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Rude Curve Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Meaty Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Ill Hold That For You Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Posing Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Obviously Not Cold Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Relaxing Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)Leighton Stultz Black and White Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)

pixel Leighton Stultz (Warning   Long Penis Pics Inside!)
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  46 Responses to “Leighton Stultz (Warning – Long Penis Pics Inside!)”

  1. Great stuff….and such a hottie.
    Hope u have some pictures of his asshole too.

  2. what a beautiful guy. thank you for posting him.

  3. Leighton Stultz makes me horny ;-)

  4. Molto thanks. Leighton Stultz has been the visual object of many, many of my jack-off sessions. Now you’ve given me even more inspiration. My private parts and I thank you.


  5. The farther you scroll down, the longer his penis… :) He’s a handsome guy with a great smile and body to match. I only wish he wasn’t shaved – he’d be a lot sexier!

  6. omg what a gorgeous hunk, the eyes the smile are captivating, and the body well it makes me totally weak in the knees,
    who is this guy, what is he about?

  7. You are very welcome!

  8. Wow, how dishy! Such a cute smile, looks like a friendly dude. Can just imagine how his lips would curl if i were to make work of that schlong!

  9. Those are terrific pictures. Love the b/w. I know these were taken some time ago. Any Idea what he’s doing now? A follow-up would be great.

  10. winner in size n body.

  11. There’s nothing “base” about the desire for a boy like this. He is beauty incarnate.

  12. he is very cute and hot,beautiful penis,nice smile,wow

  13. Wish you some how get more pics of Leighton and his lovable body and hmmmm…cock…

  14. Want more of Leighton, his beautiful body and oh..that dick…

  15. Thank You Leighton, I think who saw your pictures will fill interested…..,that’s wonderful.

  16. nice long penis

  17. you are so hot and cute

  18. He really is amazing isn’t he guys? I’m really glad I added this post, and the feedback has been so good. Thanks to all of you who have shown your appreciation for this lovely man so far! :)

  19. Anywhere,anytime I would not be tired of seeing this kind Leighton hhhmmm.

  20. Fantastic in every way–esp that he has the sense to shave so he looks muscular–and that dick is just amazing

  21. Well you said he wud make us horny- and the more I scroll down the harder I get! Wow, he is just beautiful!! What’s his story tho? Where can we see more of him?! :-)

  22. Handsome guy and awesome! Great shots and hope you could get more guys like him. Love it!

  23. Soooooo Hooooot :)

  24. omg such a gorgeous hot guy, and a penis that makes me weak in the knees.

  25. OMG, this man is magnificent.

  26. I know, he is isn’t he? lol

  27. I agree with r j topher!

  28. Pour moi, Leighton est un très très beau mec !!!

  29. What a beautiful, enormous, long-veined cock. I love it!

  30. This guy posed for Playgirl a few years ago.. he’s bigger now i think, but yes he’s got a big long penis, great body for such a young dude, and a completely full, stacked up set o’ balls! Lol

  31. Forgot to add his balls are stacked up with you know what! Overall he’s a handsome **cker! Gorgeous.

  32. Ohhh myyy gawwwsh,… I do remember this feature in PLAYGIRL magazine,… and I do believe I still have it somewhere,… He is very dreamy,…

  33. OMFG he’s so fucking HOT and YUMMY!!!
    I wanna have hardcore sex with him till death!!
    I would love to lick and aggressively suck every inch of him!!
    Aaaaah I’m totally melting…
    I wanna see what his sexy big dick would look like when he’s having a boner!! :P
    Too bad he doesn’t have a sextape/porno

  34. I’m glad he’s circumcised! That makes him even sexier!

  35. I have to disagree on that one. Uncut all the way for me! ;)

  36. He is so Yummy,
    When can we see addtional shots of him

  37. Mapasang mambo

  38. I’m in love with that cock!!! ;)

  39. I may be wrong but I have a feeling that posing naked for Playgirl in 2007 pretty much put paid to his modelling career. By that I mean I can’t find by Googling any photos of him which seem to have been taken in the last two or three years or so. He had his own website at one time (it’s no longer extant) and another modelling website site with which he was involved, Connex247, also no longer exists. Still, if anyone has any up-to-date pics, especially any with a Leighton hard-on, please let us know!

  40. мой идеал!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. i lowe tu beautiful y grande POLLA,thanks Leighton Stultz.

  42. love this SEXY HUNK! he can fuck me anytime with his hot cock

  43. love for a big cock guy to fuck my tight ass in bryan college station Texas call herseybone 979-492-6742.


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