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Ryan Daharsh is probably one of the most ‘real’ looking models around. His body is naturally appealing, landing him modeling assignments for All American Guys, Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F), Vogue Italia and Bloomingdales. He has also featured in DNA and Out Magazines. Not surprising though, as this former high school football and wrestling star took the world by storm when he first entered the modeling world. His gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes and amazing body complete the package of male model so tightly and neatly. Ryan rocks the hard beach body look so well, that he is the impitome of A&F poster boy. Standing at 6’1″, 170 lbs, Ryan Daharsh, when not working enjoys motocross, lifting weights, watching movies, playing PlayStation and making out! Thinks he needs some help?

ryan+daharsh The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh2 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh3 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh4 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh5 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh6 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh7 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh+8 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh+9 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
ryan+daharsh+10 The Hunky Ryan Daharsh

pixel The Hunky Ryan Daharsh
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  • Thiago

    es guapísimoooooooooo!!! me encanta.


  • Phil

    Ryan has been a favorite of mine for a long time, ever since I saw him in that Lewis Payton shoot a few years back that made him look like a Greek statue. He's slimmed down a bit over the years, which is sort of a shame because his muscles use to be awe-inspiring. But he still looks beautiful and I suppose the casting directors need him slimmer to fit into the merchandise.
    From what I've heard and seen, he's a really nice, modest, down to earth kid too.

  • jfm6eyc

    That's nice to hear Phil – one would have thought anyone that good looking might be objectionably conceited!

  • Anton

    I have never seen a man that is so similar to Michaelangelo’s David !

  • Anton

    I have never seen a man that is so similar to Michaelangelo’s David !!

  • Zack

    Anton – I agree, in fact others do as well, and a fan did a photoshop of Ryan on the David statue.

    See here:

  • Mariner

    Ryan is a clean cut, solid All American boy next door. I agree with the David comparison.

  • mattymuscle

    Sure he looks impressive built, but in my opinion he is far sexier with less muscle and natural looking. A natural body of perfect proportions will always be far more beautifull than anything created(overdone) in the gym with too much weight training.
    I have worked in gyms for years and have seen too many guys ruin natural beauty.
    His body on the second cover he has done for DNA just recently is perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Which of these are the more recent, i always thought that the AAG pictures were more recent but I'm begginning to second guess

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