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12 days of Beautiful Bodies 2nd Day: Matus Valent

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“On the 2nd Day of Beautiful Bodies, my friend Zack brought to me, 2 Slovakian biceps…” This Christmas I’m featuring 12 days of my favorite male bodies of the year from earlier posts I featured. My choices are based on your comments, ratings and my personal favorites. On the 2nd day I’m bringing back to you the Slovakian hunk Matus Valent. Matus has such a shot body, I love this shot that screams Men’s Fitness Magazine cover page.
Matus Valent flexing Muscle
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    WOW that guy is so hot and sexy.

  • Anton

    He is even more interesting when you know that he is 6’3″ (1.90m) tall, isn’t he?

  • Anonymous

    Did you know Matus has done jacking off video for BelAmi, I can post link if you want.

  • Zack

    Sure! Link us!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    please repost the link!!

  • Anonymous

    The link is no longer active…any info on whether it is reposted elsewhere, or what name he went under at Bel Ami? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    New link

  • neko011

    Please, can someone repost the link?