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You may know him from the sexy ocean flick, Into the Blue, or his many Fast and Furious flicks, wherever he is, Paul Walker is one hot commodity. This American actor, born in Glendale, California, became well known in 2001 after starring in the surprise summer hit The Fast and the Furious and has since gone on to star in movies such as Joy Ride, Running Scared, and the critically-acclaimed Eight Below. Here are some of my favorites shots of this actor:

paul walker3 Paul Walker

walker1 Paul Walker1178889584 paul walker 1 Paul Walker
paul walker7 Paul Walker
pixel Paul Walker
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  2 Responses to “Paul Walker”

  1. Thanx 4 these pix. Too bad Paul’s a breeder; or perhaps he’ll make baby boys soon. After they grow up they’ll be good to look at too. Paul is great though. Keep on postin’!!!

  2. Just saw Into the Blue. What a fabulous body. And a real handsome face.

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